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Scalable solutions for specific IT-structures

Typical IT landscapes in healthcare companies have several different systems, some of which perform highly complex tasks. Implementing functional and cost-effective communication between the systems is an extremely difficult task.

As the leading system used to document patient care, MCC supports the integration of any other system. MCC can also be incorporated into existing IT landscapes including self-developed information systems. Because MCC is scalable, facilities in the healthcare sector can combine it with the widest variety of solutions. This allows them to use the "best-of-breed" approach when selecting suppliers and creating IT structures that best suit their facilities. Thanks to an integration scenario certified by SAP, data between all medical and administrative departments are synchronized at all times.

Together with the leading SAP System House RZV Volmarstein MEIERHOFER cares for all customers using MCC in conjunction with IS-H.

 "The integration of partner products enables us to design system landscapes according to the wishes of our customers. We provide our customers with individual IT-structures that provide for the needs of their house the best possible support."

Sebastian Molch, Head of Enterprise Application.