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Smooth migration

Step by step to a new system

The transfer of a software system to another target environment is a technical and data-transformation process based on clearly described requirements.

Data migration is the transfer of legacy data - accounting data, patient data and medical findings - including the underlying data structures. MEIERHOFER provides its customers therefore a proven toolset. In addition to the average migration a smooth migration is possible. This provides for a gradual replacement of the existing HIS by MCC. The old system and the existing structure and process knowledge is fully incorporated into the new system. MEIERHOFER advises, accompanies and defines together with the customer specific requirements for the new system and the associated migration process.

"With the gradual migration, we provide our customers with a controlled, resource-saving transfer to MCC. Structure and process data is completely transferred, so that the hospital everyday life can continue smoothly without disruption effort."

Dipl. Engineer Udo Bräu, Head of Professional Services