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Our customers are NOT a number

Quickly and precisely fitting support around the clock

As soon as MCC runs in real operation, the Customer Care Center takes over. Fast response times and a direct online connection guarantee high level support.

Central contact point for all customers is the MEIERHOFER Service Desk. This is where all requests are prioritized and distributed to the right people. Through the distribution to four sites - two in Germany, one each in Switzerland and Austria - we guarantee maximum customer focus and understanding of national differences. The transnational organized team guarantees flexible support hours - on demand 24 / 7 - and short reaction times.

All support requests via the online service request tool are collected in a database through which our customers can always retrieve the current processing status.

"Our customers are guaranteed short response times and advice from experts through deep integration of the support team with the customizing team, colleagues from the product management team and the interface team.”

Mirko Pilz, Head of Customer Care Center