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Innovative and a sound investment

Three-layer architecture

Companies in the health-care sector need information systems that allow them to cope with growing challenges at all times. MCC is a sound investment: the scalable information system is based on state-of-the-art .NET technology.

MCC was developed in three layers from the very beginning. The database, business logic and user interface are clearly separated from one another. This ensures the longevity of the software and makes it easy to maintain. This configuration is the foundation for implementing modern, service-oriented software.


The MCC workstation is defined as a rich client that uses menu prompts for extremely user-friendly operation. IT combines MCC applications, external and web applications and information from the Internet and intranet to create an application portal for clinic personnel.

For special access, e.g. to x-rays and their respective findings, MCC can also be operated as a web-based application using the Internet Explorer. As a result, Internet access – among other things for physicians assigned to a case, is also possible. MCC also supports mobile terminal devices such as tablet PCs, PDAs and Citrix terminals.


The MCC application server receives inquiries from clients with long runtime and makes central, high-performance service with high-speed database access available. It controls the MCC browser applications and supplies them with data. As the interface to the outside world, it supports both synchronous as well as asynchronous communication.

Business logic

The medical and business logic is the same for all applications and is stored in central components.


The MCC data model corresponds to the third normal form and has been further developed to accommodate new versions for years. MCC is based on standard SQL and supports the products of market leaders Microsoft and Oracle. The database is accessed via the business logic.


At the front end, MCC supports the integration of other systems using common standards such as COM/ActiveX and HTTP. Standard protocols such as HL7, DICOM and IHE are used at the application level.

Internet technology

MCC is based on Internet technologies such as XML, XSLT, HTML both internally and externally. As a result, adapting the interface to the customer's wishes is particularly easy. Foreign applications that support web technology can be integrated into the system quickly and easily.


Due to its three-layer architecture and the special configuration of its business logic, MCC can be installed using various distribution schemes with regard to installation of components and the hardware to which they are assigned. As a result, MCC is a scalable information system that is used in the specific dimension needed.